iPhone Mobile BackBoard

The mobile network for fluid team communication

With your own custom
edition of the BackBoard™ communications system, your staff and players can easily, fluidly view and exchange data that’s critical to your team’s operation, from a simple “What’s up?” to a detailed travel itinerary.
The days of communicating with your sports team using old-school channels — email, phone, web portal, etc. — are over.
It’s time to start talking a bigger game.

The BackBoard was designed primarily for the following markets:

The BackBoard target markets: pro basketball, football, baseball, soccer and hockey + college basketball, baseball and football

Roles that benefit the most from the BackBoard:

The system gives players easy,
reliable access to virtually all
team- and game-related information,
viewable whenever and wherever they want.

“We implemented the BackBoard this season, and have received an extremely positive response from our staff and players. Our communication has clearly improved.

Adonal Foyle
Player Development, Orlando Magic

Areas where the BackBoard brings value to your team include:

Calendars & Itineraries…

  • Intuitive, color-coded team calendars that can easily be customized for individuals or groups.
  • Simple itinerary management that includes hotel info, destination tips and real-time mapping.

Messaging & Info…

  • Push notifications that alert each user to critical updates or reminders.
  • Broadcast internal messages to any person or group, including any combination of players or staff.
  • Robust contact management that allows users to contact others via any traditional method, even if the recipient isn’t a BackBoard user.

Game Prep & Reporting…

  • Always-available access to scouting videos and reports, letting your players review on their own time.
  • Monitoring of game prep material usage to ensure that players are doing their homework.
  • Simple, efficient media management for competitor videos and reports.
  • Tight security measures to ensure that your data and content remain hidden from prying eyes.

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